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IQF Drops

Create great-tasting food with just one frozen food ingredient drop

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With a diverse range of culinary ingredients, our innovative IQF food pellets offer a fuss-free way to create great-tasting food.

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Taking the fuss out of food manufacturing

IQF drops are changing the way we do food manufacturing. Developed with food innovating company Cube in Belgium, our IQF pellets provide convenience and consistency for food manufacturers. We can create IQF pellets from almost any ingredient, including sauces, dressings and blends, and now have over 70 frozen ingredients in the range.

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Clever on cost and convenience

Our IQF Food Ingredient Drops are operationally easy to use in all food manufacturing applications, from frozen meals and smoothies to fresh salads and pastas. Just one drop of fresh Thai curry paste or Mediterranean mix delivers the exact amount of flavour needed to boost recipes, without the need to weigh out long lists of ingredients to add to the assembly line. This guarantees consistency in taste and portion control, meaning less wastage and less time spent in production. Our IQF pellets also have a handy two-year shelf life.

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Over 70+ frozen food flavours

We create new IQF pellets according to customer demand. And we also innovate new flavours to stay ahead of market trends. Recent innovations have included cold brew coffee, pea protein, blue spirulina, garlic and salt, pesto, salted caramel, BBQ sauce, vegan chocolate and Caesar salad dressing IQF food drops.

We work with food manufacturing customers to develop new flavours to suit all end applications. That might be livening up a pizza topping with a dose of sriracha or adding a drop of wheatgrass juice to boost the nutritional value of a frozen smoothie; an oat frappé base to create a vegan milkshake or a Bearnaise sauce drop to top a steak.

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As the sole distributor of Cube IQF Food Ingredient Drops in the UK we are always looking to develop new products for potential customers. To find out how our IQF Food Ingredient Drops can revolutionise your food manufacturing service, please get in touch to discuss your requirements.
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