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Frozen Fruit Smoothies

From frozen to fresh fruit smoothies in under 30 seconds

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We don’t just supply frozen fruit for smoothies: we innovate, create and offer the full solution to customers.

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Why try the pre-portioned frozen smoothie sachet concept?

100% natural ingredients, no additives or preservatives

No wastage and 100% portion control

Fruits picked at peak ripeness so all nutritional benefits are locked in

Consistent taste profile every time

Two-year shelf life from production

Eliminates the need for ice, chopping & peeling, thus saving time

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innovators of the frozen smoothie concept
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We are the original smoothie operators

We created and supplied our first frozen fruit smoothie into the UK market back in 2002 and now our expertise and passion for smoothies has seen our products selling in over 35 countries worldwide.

From starting with just two fruit ingredients in a bag to now creating recipes with eight ingredients including seeds, vegetables and IQF Food Drops, we are immensely proud to see the frozen smoothie concept around every corner of the globe. We feel we have played a very big part in this market.

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Don’t wait for inspiration, ask us!

Innovation and product placement is where we really come to life! Sourcing top quality produce has always been our priority at Newberry and we have spent over 25 years making sure our frozen fruit and vegetables are the very best.

But we understand your recipes need to sell to continue the wonderful growth our smoothie market has seen over the past 20 years. So, we don’t just supply frozen fruit for smoothies: we innovate, create and offer the full solution to our customers so their recipes really work for them.

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Frozen smoothie recipes designed for your market

As well as our core frozen smoothie recipes, we offer a range of milkshakes, frappés and soups, and we can create bespoke recipes for customers’ target audiences. We know from experience that different countries have different taste profiles and we understand which recipes work well in different areas of the world.

For example, if you want to launch a protein smoothie, we will advise on the ingredients you can use to support your goal, design a recipe using ingredients that will fit in with current trends, check the nutritional claims, and make sure it’s all legally compliant.

mango-green Protein smoothie

Pre-portioned and packaged to suit all tastes

We offer our frozen smoothie pre-portioned bags in pack sizes from 100g-2.5kg for retail, manufacturers and food service providers. We also offer frozen smoothies for private label customers globally with bespoke packaging, recipes and branding into different sizes to suit individual customer requirements.

Smootheelicious is our own multi-award winning frozen smoothie brand where we continue to push innovation in the frozen smoothie market. Take a look to discover our latest range.

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Get more from your frozen smoothie

We create innovative frozen smoothie recipes that appeal to audiences around the world. Talk to our team and we’ll design a bespoke smoothie solution to meet your needs.
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