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Contract Packing & Mixing

Frozen fruit and vegetables packaged just the way you want them

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As contract frozen fruit, vegetable and smoothie packers, we offer a wide range of contract packing solutions for our private label customers.

Our pioneering state-of-the-art production facility in Herefordshire has been designed specifically for mixing and packing frozen food ingredients in the UK.

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Our bespoke machinery guarantees consistent mix accuracy in every bag

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Cutting edge machinery delivering industry-leading results

Our bespoke infeed and processing systems have been designed to ensure exceptional control over mix proportions throughout all of our product ranges. This leaves us with consistency of output and quality for every bag of frozen fruit, smoothies and vegetables produced. Our production lines have been specifically designed to support our goal of being able to deliver flexibility alongside complex product innovation.

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Mixed cases in quantities you can manage

For lots of our clients, in-store freezer space is an issue. That’s why we introduced our bespoke end-of-line automation which allows us to pack mixed cases of frozen bagged produce straight from the production line. You decide what quantities of each frozen product or mix you want in each case and we will pack it for you. No more problems with storage – just quality frozen ingredients in the quantities you want.

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A wide range of frozen food packaging options

We can pack your frozen fruit, vegetables and smoothies in a range of sizes from 100g to 2.5kg. We are able to offer a variety of packing options including doypacks, pillow bags or even eco-friendly frozen food packaging such as cardboard boxes with food-grade interiors. We have also just launched a range of compostable and paper frozen food packaging.

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Private Label Packing

As contract packers we can offer the full private label solution for customers who have their own-label frozen products. We will design and innovate your mixes based on market trends, source the ingredients and process and package the final product with your own labels. We have a strong in-house Food Development team who can advise customers on latest trends, recipes and legalities in the IQF fruit, vegetable and smoothie industry.

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MOQS that suit our customer’s needs

We pride ourselves on innovation and are actively placing new products into the market year on year globally. We are prepared to run short-term seasonal products or trials rather than requiring high volume, long-term contracts which makes innovation with our retail partners very flexible. Whatever your requirements, we can find a solution.
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