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Closeup of stack of frozen summer fruits. An abundance of fruits like strawberries, cherries, apricot and sour green plum.

Why Us

The quality of our frozen fruit and vegetables is everything to us

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Quality produce from farm to frozen

Quality comes first and that is why our in-house, dedicated technical team go above and beyond to ensure our ingredients are at optimal quality from farm to frozen. Our quality demands us to work with GFSI-accredited growers who are not only audited to strict standards by third-party auditors, but are also subjected to our own audit, and this is carried out on a frequent basis. We have a robust testing procedure for all products purchased as this forms an essential step to ensure our products are ready-to-eat.

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Established in
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The first seeds were sown

Established in 1995, Newberry initially focused on supplying quality frozen ingredients to the food manufacturing industry. A management buy-out 11 years ago saw a sea change in the business with Newberry diversifying into a range of value-added services including innovative food product development and private label retail packing. Newberry has delivered massive growth over that period and now stands as a key player in the market globally, designing, manufacturing and supplying a broad range of products to the retail and food service sectors across the world.

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Creators of the first frozen fruit smoothie in a bag!

Back in 2002, the present-day company owner, Gill Pearson, wanted to diversify into smoothies to tap into a new market and reach new audiences. After creating a product in her test kitchen, Gill soon realised that her customers had limited space to store the bulk frozen fruit smoothie ingredients. Hence, the frozen fruit smoothie in a bag was created and distributed throughout the UK! We are now the world’s leading supplier, innovator and expert on bespoke private label smoothies, we have a full range of over 100 frozen smoothie products supplied globally as well as our own multi award-winning brand label, Smootheelicious.



Manufacturing is brought to the UK

Following several years of outsourcing production to our exclusive co-packer in Poland, in 2015 Newberry invested in its own UK manufacturing facility to meet the growing demand from customers and reduce transport miles. This new site provided a platform for the rapid acceleration of the growth plan, with Newberry developing a retail private label capability to complement the frozen smoothie mix product offering.



New state-of-the-art facility opens in Herefordshire

In 2024 we opened our new, state-of-the-art facility in Herefordshire. We have invested in full end-to-end automation to improve flexibility, accuracy and efficiency. This ensures that we can provide the very best product offering and service for our customers. The new facility will operate alongside our BRC-accredited factory in Poland which will continue to service much of our international customer base.


We are frozen ingredient innovators

Innovation and drive is what keeps our company moving forwards. We have an active Food Product Development team who follow global food and drink trends then travel the world sourcing the products to develop new recipes using specialist frozen ingredients. We love nothing more than inviting our customers to our innovation kitchen and collaboratively creating magic to help their businesses.

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