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Our own bright brand of premium quality IQF fruit in handy bag sizes

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Fruiteelicious is our own brand of premium quality IQF fruit and mixes designed specifically for the food service industry in convenient 300g and 1kg bag sizes.

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An IQF fruit brand you can trust in a handy 1kg & 300g size

We developed Fruiteelicious to make sure we could continue to push out exciting high quality products into the market. Our broad product offering comes in bright packaging in a 300g bag ready for retail or a 1kg bag fit for foodservice. Fruiteelicious is a high quality product range of single fruits and fruit mixes to fit with every application in the kitchen, helping customers drive down food waste and improve food preparation efficiency.

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Our IQF fruit is picked at peak ripeness

When fruit is frozen, it is picked at the peak of ripeness and flash-frozen soon after to preserve the optimal nutritional benefits. The IQF ‘Individually Quick Freezing’ method also helps the fruit to keep its shape, colour, smell and taste after defrost.

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Varieties specifically sourced for you

Our fruit is sourced to achieve consistent Brix levels. This is such an important step in our process as it ensures flavour replication throughout the year. Our flavoursome strawberries have high Brix levels to give you that sweet taste time and time again. This attention to detail, along with our tight calibration requirements, our knowledge of fruit varieties and specific sourcing procedures, makes us the most favourable of supplier choices.

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We only buy from suppliers that we can trust

Consistency of quality in our frozen fruit sourcing is something we pride ourselves on and our technical team sets the bar high at the beginning of any partnership. We only work with growers who hold the highest accreditation and we insist that they work to our buying specifications, and not the other way round.

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Frozen fruit for all your functions

Whether you’re after the sweetest pineapple for pizzas or the juiciest blueberries for baking, get in touch with our team. Our Fruiteelicious range comes in handy 1kg and 300g pack sizes to suit your specific application.
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